Pilot Peak Selfie


Work often takes me to or near historically significant landmarks, such as Pilot Peak in Elko County, Nevada. The natural thing to do is to whip out the ol’ phone and snap a selfie. What else? Pilot Peak was an important landmark for 19th century emigrants heading west to California; the ill-famed Donner Party knew that clean, drinkable water could be found at a spring near it’s base. If they had not taken the long shortcut called Hastings Cutoff they might have successfully traversed the Sierras. (But that’s another subject in itself…)

Landmarks are splendid things, and if you are like the Donner Party and have taken an awesomely long shortcut like, say, across the Salt Lake Desert, where everything is flat for a hundred miles, you probably are relieved, too, whenever something ahead of you gives you bearing and direction. As an aside, the Donner Party probably could have taken some interesting selfies.