A Very Short Contemplation on Christmas Time


Christmas time is here again. It feels very appropriate that it is the end of the year when Christmas comes. The joy in our anticipation is teamed with happiness, euphoria, tinges of melancholy, and sober contemplation. When Christmas Day finally arrives, the whirlwind of all my expectations, all my preparations and all yearnings for the quintessential Yuletide experience comes to a head. There and then, in the middle of the emotional letdown and the semi-euphoric trance of the “Christmas spirit,” I can’t help but see the reasons for both melancholy and rejoicing. Melancholy for my sins, and rejoicing for God condescending from his throne on high to a feed trough in a stable built to house oxen, perhaps, or other beasts of burden- to demonstrate his love for sinful man.

Just a short thought on this season, in part, to keep my blog going and to shuffle my thoughts.