Night Highway Roving


When the last rays of daylight go down
Buddy, you’ll roll no more.
-Bob Dylan, Standing in the Doorway

I was driving back home late on the interstate the other night. The Cummins diesel steadily whined and the dash lights in my cab glowed. I plugged my old iPod in the auxiliary jack of my truck’s stereo and listened to a few albums from the likes of Steve Earle and Bob Dylan. I just bought Earle’s Guitar Town and am enjoying it’s roots rock and roll and common man poetry. The fact that Guitar Town was released the year I was born, not quite thirty years ago, puts things in perspective for me. Some people are busy being born while others are busy creating.


I have been a Dylan fan since I “discovered” Highway 61 Revisited when I was seventeen. I first heard the single, “Like a Rolling Stone, ” in a tv miniseries called The 60s (or something like that). Changed my life. I appreciate the multifaceted nature of Dylans work. He has always ploughed through the expectations of what music critics and fans have wanted him to be.

I started off near Reno, listening to Dylan’s John Wesley Harding and Guitar Town by Earle, and by the time I reached Lovelock, I was head long in Dylan’s Time Out of Mind. Nothing is quite as reflectively lonesome on a dark night out on the road listening to the lines from Standing in the Doorway:

Behind every beautiful thing
There’s been some kind of pain

When I headed over Golconda Summit, the lines from Steve Earle came back to me:

I heard someone callin’ my name one day
And I followed that voice down the lost highway

The night wore on and the music played. I poured another cup of coffee from my Stanley. All-day-old coffee is tolerable when you have to get home from a long day. Next came Valmy, Battle Mountain, Emigrant Pass, Carlin, and finnally Elko. The last rays of daylight were long forgotten when I had finally made it home.


One thought on “Night Highway Roving

  1. Deborah Nesper (Bowling)

    Hope you enjoyed the clippings I sent and the book. Thought you would enjoy seeing some of Bob and the photos too! Love ya! Who knew you would enjoy this fella…glad you are so artistic in the music area and many other areas too! Spice of life to be thankful for!

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