Ghost Town Hunting in Northeastern Nevada


Winter this year in Northeastern Nevada  is quite mild. It’s not over yet, but the snow pack is practically nil. This is not such a great thing for the ranching and livestock industry, where most operations depend on the snow melt-off for grazing and irrigation, but for a family with cabin fever, the atypical warm weather is ideal for getting out and exploring.

My wife is going on her thirty-ninth week of pregnancy of our fifth child. We obviously do not wander out too far, but it was either stay home and deep clean the house (or some other pre-baby delivery project) or get out and satisfy some wanderlust. I campaigned for the latter option, which was readily accepted by the woman of the house as well as our village of children. My mother-in-law is visiting from Washington, to be here to help my wife and be here for the new arrival. She was up for anything, so off we went.

From Elko we went east on Interstate 80 fifty miles to Wells, turned off and headed north out of town on a dirt road. About twelve miles north of Wells, there is ghost town, no, the rubble of a ghost town, called Metropolis.


We had a great time together rambling in the sagebrush, dodging antelope (pronghorns), and seeing what we could see. Short post here. Over and out.


One thought on “Ghost Town Hunting in Northeastern Nevada

  1. Deborah Nesper (Bowling)

    Glad you can get out and explore! Glad you can write too! Lots of leg stretching going on! Yee haw! Interesting how much water means to us all. Almost no snow left here too. 🙂

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