Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional


I purchased a devotional book last week from a bookseller in Gloucester, England. It arrived two nights ago in our mailbox, along with my wife’s recent cloth diaper order. We were both happy as school children on a snow day when our respective parcels arrived. My wife bought a Louis Armstrong-themed cloth diaper for our littles ones. It’s pretty cool,but I’m going to head into the rest of this blog entry.

The rest of the blog post

The book is Morning and Evening by C.H Spurgeon. I have enjoyed Spurgeon’s works for the past eleven years or so, but have never read his devotional works, including The Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith in addition to the title I purchased. There are apps for these two devotionals one can download. Also, one can go to Spurgeon.org and read the daily entry for Faith’s Checkbook or Morning and Evening. There are many good electronic resources, but if you’re like me, paper and binding wins over the glow of phones, tablets, or laptops. No batteries are required for old-fashioned tomes.

Small and travel-friendly edition

This edition was published by Christian Focus Publications, under their Heritage imprint. It is leather bound, with lightweight offset pages (“Bible paper”) with gold edging, and is 765 pages in length. The book doesn’t weigh more than a pound and can fit in a shirt or coat pocket quite easily. Each daily morning entry has it’s evening counterpart on the opposite facing page. Succinctly put, this is a beautiful and hardy copy.

I look for forward to reading each morning and evening entry from, well, Morning and Evening. To be sure, any devotional book does not replace regular Bible reading and meditation on the holy text. My hope is that this particular daily devotional will aid my own desire for and study of God’s Word.


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