Procrastination and Joel Osteen

Not sure where this post is going, but I thought I would tap on this keyboard thingy here just so I do not forget how to do so. Yeah, I know, what you’re thinking, imaginary reader, you’re thinking, “This guy is an amazing writer! He should be at the top of the blogosphere in no time at all!” Thank you, rhetorically gifted imaginary person, I appreciate the atta-boy very much. It sustains me.

Actually, I really hadn’t dreamed of this post going that direction at all; let’s pretend the first paragraph never happened since I will not be deleting it. It’s about principle, you see.

Lately, I’ve been trying to get around to all (OK, many) of the things I have been procrastinating on. Projects which generally suffer due to my irregular hours as a tow truck driver. Little things such as, repairing my truck’s exhaust system, mowing all of my yard instead of half, repairing a dresser drawer in my daughters’ room, transfering home video tapes over to digital for a family documentary (i.e. home movie) I have wanted to do for about ten years now, and, well, you get the picture.

Excuses abound. Some are pretty amazingly creative, and, I will be honest, persuasive. Not enough time! There’s never time! I can never get around to it! (Exclamation points should not be used to convey sincerity because they’re like raising your voice: if you do it too much no one will listen.) To shorten the word count, and to get out of actually giving you a plethora of examples, I will say this: Excuses are about as useful as e-mail. Everyone uses e-mail once in a while, but no one uses…Just lost my train of thought due to the fact that I am making this up a tad before midnight. I will not go softly into the night! No way!

This has been an exercise in what not to write about. If you read this, you’re probably thinking this was about as profitable as a Joel Osteen sermon is biblically sound. My apologies. Too bad, for it had so much promise. As Scarlett O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day!”


4 thoughts on “Procrastination and Joel Osteen

    1. Thanks, Ckeb! I make attempts once in a while but then fall off the literary wagon. Trying to get back into it; silly enough to try again at freelancing for printed media. Going over to your blog now….

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