Highway 93 Blurb

I towed a Dodge Ram half-ton pickup to Twin Falls, Idaho on Monday. Providing the weather is good, it takes about three hours to drive there from Elko. During the day these longer tows don’t really bother me. I try to look at it this way: I’m being paid to go on a mini road trip (minus the fun touristy stops at places like “World’s Largest Cast Iron Pan”). Fifty miles eastbound on I-80 takes you to the town of Wells, where the motto on a welcome sign reads, “Small but entertaining.” From there, you exit off onto state route 93 which runs north to south; north takes you to Twin Falls and eventually into Montana, while south runs through Ely, Las Vegas and finally into California near Needles.

Heading north on 93, I took in the scenery. Being mostly range land, typical of the whole region, home to cattle, antelope (more accurately called “prong horn”) some elk, and deer. It’s here on this stretch of road you will come across a multi-million dollar answer to deer migration and highway safety. It is an elaborate system of fences, overpasses and underpasses. It may do some good, but deer aren’t the best at following directions. Often you’ll see path leading towards fences they simply jump over. An impressive, perhaps, ineffective system. I’m not advocating for or against the wildlife corridor; I’ll leave it to others to rant about it.


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