Spring Creek, Nevada

I already have a blog, I told myself. I already have one I am neglecting. Why do I need another one? I suppose I need some kind of reason (or excuse) to add to the trillion other blogs on the Web. I began my previous blog when I was single, recently out of high school, and still living at home. That was nearly ten years ago. I think it is time to start over in the blogosphere.

A little context. My name is Matt Valdez. I am nearly 27, married to a great woman, and we have four children, aged four and under.  My wife’s name is Angela, and we met in a small community in North Central Washington in October of 2006. At the time, I was working south of Seattle at a tire retread shop, living in an upstairs apartment of an old house in Puyallup. I was visiting my mom and step-dad on their property near Oroville (about a five or six hour drive away) over the weekend and they invited Angie and her parents over for supper on the first night I arrived.

I arrived before they did, and after all the pleasantries, my mom informed they invited over the girl they had told me about a couple weeks before. My response? Put on a suave and ruggedly hansom air? No, I hid in the back room pondering my “move”. After Angie and her folks had showed up, I didn’t leave the back room for another ten minutes. Pondering is tough. My wife-to-eventually-be brought a pastry dish of apple squares, and once I manned up and walked down the hall and met her, her charm and cooking broke the ice.

We were married less than a year later.

Angela and I have had many adventures since our late summer wedding in 2007. We have lived mostly in a rural setting for the past six years, so many mishaps and escapades are in that setting as well. Getting stuck in snow banks, and getting unstuck, living off-grid for a few years, learning the best way to fall a tree (and, also, the not so best way to fall a tree), rescuing a yearling goat frozen to the ground in the dead of winter (more than once or six times), battling a rogue owl with a penchant for attacking our chickens, are just a few to mention.

A good portion of our married life I’ve worked seasonal jobs , so we’ve had to deal with the ups and downs of working for contractors and unemployment. In trying times and the benign, we have by the Lord’s grace, leaned on Him. This isn’t our story. It’s another portion of God’s grace and providence, which we have been blessed with participating in.


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